Modern player's frames possess a slightly larger head size and also a crisper, livelier response, related for the extra modern "'tweener" frames like the or . Simultaneously, they retain the classic precision and feel of a much more traditional-style racquet just like the or . They may be ideal for the intermediate to sophisticated player that appreciates the classic touch and really feel but just desires some thing just a little more forgiving in an effort to aid preserve up together with the contemporary game.

Here are my five present favorites:

I feel like the racquet is an extension of my hand when I play with it and I can put the ball on a dime anywhere around the court. Spin potential isn't the greatest, however the precision and exceptional responsiveness makes this my favourite from the bunch. That is presently my racquet of option that I take into competition.

's racquet of choice burst onto the scene a couple of months ago and immediately impressed our playtest group here at . The open 16×19 string pattern is lively and spin-friendly, yet there's enough control to allow you to go for the lines with confidence polo ralph lauren shorts . "Ai" stands for Air Impulse, and you really can feel the ball explode off the stringbed when you make perfect contact.

's racquet of choice, this one just feels incredible off the baseline. It's 18×20 string pattern gives you tremendous control and surprising spin-potential for big hitting heavy topspin groundstrokes. The 100 square inch head also tends to make it quite forgiving. After our playtest, it came as no surprise to us why this is the selection of one from the world's best.

Maybe the biggest surprise of 2014, this is an awesome selection for the player looking to move on from their Babolat AeroStorm Tour or Pure Storm Tour. ralph lauren wholesale This one is all about maneuverability, control and really feel. FlexCarbon technology also keeps this frame nice and comfortable as well.

With a unique 99 ralph lauren polo discount . discount polo ralph lauren 5 square inch head and Volkl's signature dampening technology, this is an excellent selection for the big hitter looking for something a bit much more arm-friendly. At 1 point head light, it also possesses great plowthrough and stability for balls hit off-center. This can be a good option for the or user that wants a thing additional forgiving and easier to use.

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